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Welcome to XYG Studio! Here you'll find all the information on the SDL/Squirrel game engine.

If you want to support XYG's development, you can subscribe to my Patreon or make a one-time donation on my Ko-Fi, or visit the repo and check out the code.


Why use XYG?

  • One hundred and ten percent FREE!

    Not only will you never be made to pay a single penny for it, but there is no limit to what you can do with it. You can modify it, port it to any device you want, even include it with other products like books. There are no royalties for anything you include it with or anything you make with it.

  • You only have to build your game once!

    Since XYG uses a runtime environment, this means that your game will run on any platform that the runtime is installed on.

  • Squirrel is supported by notable developers!

    Companies like Valve, Rockstar, and Electric Imp use Squirrel to script their software. By learning to make games with Squirrel, you'll also develop skills that could help you with their products.

  • C-like syntax!

    Write your code in a familiar format which makes Squirrel easy to learn.

  • Easy to mod games!

    Make your game easy to mod simply by telling it to run any .nut file or load any .tmx map. This will increase the lifespan of your games and help boost its popularity with user-generated content.

  • Run from compiled or source!

    Test your code without having to compile it simply by associating .nut files with the runtime. This way, you only have to build a .sq file if you want to make a closed-source game.

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