What is XYG?

XYG stands for eXperience Your Game. It's a development kit that I originally started as a wrapper for SDL to make it simpler to use while including a few of my own classes. When a friend of mine showed me Squirrel, I wondered if a game could be made with it, but was disappointed to find there was no actual runtime for it; it was just being used by select games for mod scripting. So I thought, "why not turn my devkit into a Squirrel runtime?"

At the time, I'd been using Game Maker for a while, but while its feature support was growing, I was becoming aware of issues under the hood that I thought were holding it back, and Yoyo Games was becoming a progressively more and more greedy company, so I decided to make an alternative. Once the runtime is feature-rich enough for people to make robust games with it, I will make an IDE to help making games with it easier and have it automatically manage a few things under the hood, but nothing that would get in the user's way.

What platforms will XYG support?

Given that it's open source, it can be ported to any platform, but games will only need to be compiled once to run on everything the runtime is on. Game developers using it would then only need to make a simple switch statement asking what platform the game is running on for any platform-specific features when needed.

As for console support, that is to be determined. Console makers will likely want games for consoles to be released in a specific format to prevent just anyone from putting their game on a console "willy-nilly". At the time of this writing, consoles are still very much a walled garden, and so support for them will be up to the people who make them.

What can I use XYG for?

Anything! XYG is free under the GNU General Public License, so whether it's personal, non-profit, commercial, educational, whatever, it's free to use and modify however you please.

Are there royalties if I sell my game?

Nope! What you make with it is yours. A donation is always appreciated, but is by no means necessary.

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